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If You Have a great idea for a Reality TV Show You Want to Sell, then Partner With Us TODAY To Take The First Step In Getting Your Idea Sold!!!

If Selected Your Show Idea Will Be Filmed, Produced, Marketed And Groomed To Be Sold To A Major Network

About Us

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Breville Media Group is a dynamic digital media company specializing in developing fresh, and compelling Reality based content from up and coming content creators and featuring their ideas for reality shows, documentaries, dramas, and sitcoms across our multi-channel platform.

We allow content creators full creative control to create a show just as they envisioned. We excel at helping content creators produce and establish a brand for their concepts, turning your ideas into more than just reality but also a valuable, sellable, assets worth big money.

Work With Us

Do You Have a great idea for a Reality TV Show You Want to Sell? Then Partner With Us TODAY To Take The First Step In Getting Your Idea Sold!!!
If Selected Your Show Idea Will Be Filmed, Produced, Marketed And Groomed To Be Sold To A Major Network
If we like your idea we will film your show and feature it on our RealityTVee Network which is available on.

From there we will go to work turning your concept into a buzz-worthy fully marketable brand,
People will watch, Advertisers will love, and Major networks will pay TOP DOLLAR for.

How It All Works

Nowadays networks want more than idea, they want a marketable brand complete with a strong
social media following and the ability to attract sponsorship or advertising revenue.
Here is how we help you and the network looking for shows achieve their objectives:



You submit the concept of your show to us via the form below



We test your concept across various test markets to determine potential audience size demographics, reach and marketability



Your concept then gets reviewed by our Board of Directors who will decide if the show gets green-lit based on the initial tests.



If Approved we send a film crew out to your preferred location to film the pilot episode



We feature your show on our network and establish your brand across all social media platforms to draw viewers and advertisers.



After establishing your show and brand as an asset we will pitch your show to our exclusive list of chief network executives. They will either buy the exclusive rights to your show reproducing it as original content or issue you a creative contract to make more episodes as the star under their network.

If Your Show Gets Approved

Be Ready To Join The List Of Reality TV Show Celebrities

  • Approved by our board

    If your show is approved by our board, we will issue you a production & licensing agreement as well as establish a budget to film a 30-minute pilot for development.

  • Your preferred location

    We send our production crew to your preferred location, filming usually wraps in one day.

  • 6.5 million viewers / month

    We feature your show on our Network seen by over 6.5 million viewers each month

  • Branding and merchandising

    We handle everything from filming, producing, marketing and distributing your show across all essential platforms that will generate a strong following for your show.

    We’ll also establish branding and merchandising opportunities focused squarely on your concept which you will earn up to a 10% royalty fee from all profits month after month until the show gets sold.


So how much can you make for a show once it's been developed and sold?

Payouts for shows can very depending on the network but average buy rates for a hot show with a strong social presence can range from but are not limited to:

$10,000 to $30,000 Per Episode

Our goal would be to negotiate the maximum price for a multiple episode order ranging from 6 episodes to a full session of 22 episodes.

Once we've produced, marketed and build a brand for your show that's capable of attracting network interest we charge the a flat 30% finders free to sell your show and here's what you get:

  • Professionally Produced Pilot
  • Digital Distribution Of Your show
  • Marketing and Promotional Services To Build Your Shows Brand And Social Media Presence That Include But Are Not Limited To:
    • SEO
    • Media Buying
    • Digital Content Marketing Merchandising Opportunities (where applicable)

You'll Also Have Access To:

  • Treatment & Script Writers
  • Legal Advice To Help Negotiate The Sale Of The Your Show
  • Expert Producers Who Will Pitch Your Show After It's Been Developed

Breville Media Group Is A Total One Stop Solution To Get Your Idea From Concept To Developed Reality.

Are There Costs To Be Featured On RealityTVEE Network?

The short answer is YES? Most content creators know they have to invest in themselves before anyone else will invest in them. And fortunately for you all the associated costs can be easily taken care of as you’ll soon see.

a minimum of

30-min pilot

The average cost to film, edit, and professionally produce a 30-min pilot will at minimum cost $10,000.

a minimum of

30-min pilot

The average cost to market, distribute and establish a viral social presence complete with a profitable merchandising brand can cost a minimum of $25,000.

But, the good news is...

We cover 100% of the marketing, distribution,
and promotional costs and up 50% of the film production costs.

Content creators are only responsible for the other half of the cost to film the pilot.
During our phone call we’ll discuss with you how your half can be easily covered.

There’s nothing stopping your Reality TV project from getting off the ground.
Make your dream of working in TV and selling your ideas and concepts into your new reality.

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Disclaimer: All information shared on our site is kept strictly confidential. Breville Media Group will in no-way share use or exploit for profit any concepts shared with us on our website without express permission through a formerly executed production agreement.